Parish Knights of St. ColumbaFraternal Cross    August 23, 2017
The Knights of St. Columba’s
Fraternal Cross.
The Fraternal cross was promoted and developed by Council 184 Wolverhampton, as a means of all Brother Knights across the country assembling to pray, and socialise together. This aim being very successful, so much so it was agreed for it to be formalised to a pilgrimage, involving all Provinces and as many Councils encouraging prayer and Fraternalism, the Fraternal cross travels every 2 years, around Great Britain and Channel Islands. 
The Fraternal Cross is again on its travels, coinciding with the celebration of The Order of The knight’s 92nd anniversary this year. It having left the Knights Supreme Conference in October 2012, Its imminent arrival in Province 17 Lincoln on June 15th 2013. It was collected by Provincial Grand Knight of the Province 17 Lincoln Brother James Murphy flanked by Grantham Council 180's Welfare and Spirituality Officer Brother Jim Bano, together with other Brother Knights from Province. The Fraternal Cross was be handed over at the 12.30 pm Mass at St. Luke's Church Peterborough by the Provincial Grand Knight of Province 27 East Anglia.
The Cross then travelled to Lincoln, then on to Scunthorpe, and then to Newark where it was be collected by the Grantham Brothers David Blankley Spirituality and Welfare Officer for Province 17, and Brother Jim Bano on Wednesday the 19th. June after the Holy Mass. The Cross was presented to the GK Brother Peter Balfe at the Grantham Knight's meeting, where it will displayed on the Sanctuary until its handed over by Brother James Murphy PGK Province 17 to the Provincial Grand Knight of Province 9 Nottingham at the 6 pm Mass on the 22nd. June. This Mass will also be offered for the Deceased Brothers and families of Province 17 Lincoln. It will then continue on its Holy journey through the Nottingham Churches and on wards, until it again reaches its destination in time for this year's Supreme Conference in October.
A picture accompanying this write up showing the Officer for Spirituality and Welfare for Province 17 Lincoln Brother David Blankley outside the Newark Church of Holy Trinity with the cross. With Grand Knight Brother John Lynch of Council 333 Newark immediately on his left together with other Brother Knights.
David Blankley Spirituality and Welfare Officer province 17 Lincoln and Treasurer of Council 180 Grantham.


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God our Father, Shepherd and Guide, look with love on Francis, your servant, the pastor of your church. May his word and example continue to inspire and guide the Church and may he and all those entrusted to his care come to the joy of everlasting life. Amen.




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