Parish Knights of St. Columba    August 23, 2017

As 2014 draws to a close, we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of our supporters. Our work to feed the world’s poorest children every day they attend school is made possible by the generosity of people like you.

Through your help, we are now feeding more than 920,000 children each school day in 13 countries across the world.

 From the boys and girls tasting Mary’s Meals for the first time in Zambia, to the children receiving take-home food rations in Ebola-hit Liberia, your support makes a life-changing difference to children all over the world.


On behalf of all those wonderful children we’ve fed together this year,

have a very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. 



Knights of St Columba
The Knights of St Columba were founded in Glasgow in 1919, and is an Order of Catholic men (known unofficially as 'The Popes Men') dedicated to the service of the Church and all people. The Order is part of The International Alliance of Catholic Knights, which works in twenty-seven Countries worldwide. At a National Level there is the Supreme Council with the Head Office of the Order in Glasgow. The present Supreme Knight is Bro. Ron Lynch of Nottingham, and the Spiritual Adviser is our own Bishop Malcolm McMahon, O.P., who was a Member of the Order in London before being ordained a Priest.
Provincial Council 17 Lincoln embraces Council 180 Grantham, Council 142 Lincoln, Council 211 Scunthorpe, and Council 333 Newark. The Head of the Provincial Council is known as the Provincial Grand Knight (P.G.K), and Head of the C,ouncil as Grand Knight (G.K)., and are elected Annually.
The Provincial Chaplain is the Rev. Fr. A. Dolan. G.K. of Council 180 is Bro.P. Balfe.
More information can be found on www.ksc.org.uk.
So what do the Knights do?
Principal Objectives are as stated in the Diocesan Year Book:-
·         To support the mission of the Catholic Church by participating in the work of the Lay Apostolate, and in Catholic Action.
·         To support the Hierarchy and all Clergy in matters concerning the Catholic Church and Faith.
·         To promote in accordance with the social teaching of the Catholic Church, the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and material welfare of all, and to encourage the practice of the Catholic Faith.
We are certainly not a secret Society. We wear Collarets which is part of our tradition, which also identifies with a particular Office that we undertake as individuals. We are a strongly fraternal group, referring to a fellow Member of the Order as 'Brother'. There are again various actions taken which if recorded would more than fill this web page.

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God our Father, Shepherd and Guide, look with love on Francis, your servant, the pastor of your church. May his word and example continue to inspire and guide the Church and may he and all those entrusted to his care come to the joy of everlasting life. Amen.




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