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Saint for the Day June 25th.

St. Maximus. (d. c. 470)

Bishop of Turin in the troubled times of the barbarian inroads into Northern Italy , he is now best remembered for his homilies and other ascetical writings which are still in existence.  One of the lights of the Church in the 5th century, the collection of his discourses which has come down to us, is almost as important to us as that of St. Augustine.

Quote for Today.

‘The man who listens to reason is lost: reason enslaves all whose minds are not strong enough to master her.’





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God our Father, Shepherd and Guide, look with love on Francis, your servant, the pastor of your church. May his word and example continue to inspire and guide the Church and may he and all those entrusted to his care come to the joy of everlasting life. Amen.




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